Queens Bush


One of the most important tone influences is how close you pick the strings from the bridge. Picking the strings close to the bridge produces a very hard or metalic sound. Picking the strings near the end of the fretboard produces a very mellow sound. Changing this distance while playing is a technique used to vary the sound of the banjo. An optimum distance is about two or three inches from the bridge. Each banjo is slightly different in sound, so you need to experiment with this distance to find which distance produces the best sound for your banjo. Other factors also influence the banjo sound such as indoors, outdoors, wall materials, room size, microphones, etc. You have to try them all. Same as banjos, you got to play a lot of banjos before you find one that is just right for you.
The string height or ‘action height’ has an influence on the volume of sound. The higher the strings, the louder you can play without buzzing noises. If the action is too high, it will affect your speed in playing and hurt your fingers. Find an action height that is suitable for comfortable playing and try to get better sound from the other banjo parts.

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